R&F Property Service Group belongs to R&F Group

It provides professional property management service for residential and commercial product of R&F since 1997. Its service coverage has expanded to 34 cities globally and has supported areas of over 58 million square meters in total, managed 189 projects and hired over 20000 employees to provide quality property management service for nearly 1 million clients.

Service Hotline:

  • Leading the industry
    service standard

    Leading the industry Service Standard

    For the first time in the industry, R&F Property Management has issued Basic Standards of Property Management 2.0, becoming the leader in quality of high-end property management service.

  • Develop intelligent services

    Develop Intelligent Services

    Self-develop “Zizai Platform” (including Zizai Assistant and Zizai Community)

  • Sincerely with customers

    Sincerely with Customers

    Launch national client complain hotline (400-850-2777) to listen to customer voices and meet customer needs.

Service system

  • Diligence

  • Care

  • Thoughtfulness

  • Devotion

  • Confidence

  • Love


Talent Cultivation System of “180°Ingenious Creation”


Quality Management System of “0°error”


Customer Service System of “37℃ Warm Caring”


Construction Operation System of “26℃ Comfort Standards”


Security Management System of “360°Full-Day Guardian Protection”


Community Culture System of “100℃ Passion for Life”



Brand Integration and Unified Management
All domestic property management companies were integrated to form R&F Property Management Service Group


Diverse Exploration and Global Service
Developed various types of domestic property management service projects and explored overseas markets.


Strategic Upgrade of reform and innovation
Set up a training center, launched 400 service hotlines and were granted the title of “Top 10 Property Management Companies in China”


Forward-Looking Strategy of Leading Commercial Property Management
CBD Property Management Center was established, to provide high-end property management service to Class-A office buildings and international apartments


Marched into Beijing, Hengfu Property Management Company was established


Based in Guangzhou, Tianli Property Management Company was founded

community culture

Stars Movie Night

R&F Property Management has organized “Stars Movie Night”. Community residents had lovely gatherings to reminisce about old times and enjoy open-air movies without having to go out of their communities.

Elderly University

R&F Elderly University is rooted in R&F Community. It is dedicated to providing community residents with a learning platform that enables them to increase knowledge and enrich life. It aims to provide residents with a lifelong learning opportunity.


R&F Property Management has organized Run&Fun groups in R&F communities nationwide. A series of activities including morning run, family run, community run and city marathons allowed our residents to enjoy “fun running for all”.